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P-90  Improving access to palliative care services for diverse communities of cardiff and the vale
  1. Shameem Nawaz
  1. Marie Curie, Cardiff and the Vale Hospice, Penarth, UK


This presentation will describe a current development project based at the Marie Curie Hospice in Wales, which aims to build relationships with the diverse communities of Cardiff and the Vale and in particular focusing on people with learning disabilities, people with dementia and people with a religious or no religious belief, to explore and address barriers that prevent access to palliative care services.

The project was funded in January 2016, for three years, by the Big Lottery Fund and aims to:

  1. Develop links and improve communication with representative organisations in regards to dementia, learning disabilities and religion in the Cardiff and the Vale area to establish a better understanding of the end of life care needs and the gaps in service provision for these groups.

  2. Identify specific barriers to service awareness and access for people with dementia, learning disabilities and of a religious background in the local community in Cardiff and the Vale.

  3. Advise Marie Curie services in Cardiff and the Vale on learning.

  4. Work directly with people with dementia, learning disabilities and of a religious background and their carers/families to provide support and advice on services.

This presentation will outline the project activity and outline barriers identified to date as well as discuss future project activity planned.

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