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P-197 Time and motion: transferring nhs productive ward to a hospice setting
  1. Helen Birch,
  2. Sandra Leyland and
  3. Laura Webster
  1. Queenscourt Hospice, Southport, UK


The NHS (National Health Service) Institute for Innovation and Improvement supported the NHS to transform healthcare for patients and the public, by rapidly developing and spreading newways of working. The Strategic Clinical Network agreed to fund the cost of supporting participating Hospices through the programme.

Aim We concentrated on two modules in Phase 1:- Well Organised Working Environment &Knowing How We Are Doing. The focus was on improving ward processes and environments, whilstexhibiting openness and transparency in reporting systems and governance issues. Staff equipped withknowledge and practical tools developed skills to identify areas for sustainable efficiencyimprovements in terms of care, effort and finance whilst improving experience of care for patients &staff.

Method Action learning training days followed external training, attended by various staffdisciplines from all participating hospices. Phase 1 examined staff time spent looking for equipment and stores during a routine working day and the length of time preparing for clinical procedures. Itprompted examination and analysis of everyday tasks. A mapping process was undertaken, wecarried out and filmed activity walks, looking at both location of equipment and time taken to carry outtasks. Organisation of stock storage in all areas was closely examined, identifying surplus stock and implementing changes to ordering system.

Outcome The key to the success of the programme was that improvements were driven by staffthemselves. Staff felt empowered to ask difficult questions about their own practice and made positivechanges to the way they worked, ultimately working more efficiently and effectively, reducing cost and re-investing time in patient care. Having support from Hospice leaders led to an environment wherechanges were made but ultimately sustained. Phase 2 is now underway and includes the WardHandover and Meals modules.

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